Curve Fever : A Fun Take on the Classic Snake Game

We have all played the classic snake game where you start as a small snake and keep growing up until you hit any of the edges of the screen or other objects. Curve Fever is a fun take on the classic snake game and allows you to play in the multi-player mode. In the curve fever, they are not calling the snakes as snakes but they have renamed them curves. So in the Curve Fever, you start as a small dot and it keeps increasing in length into a longer and longer curve.

The objective of the Curve Fever game is to trap all the other curves belonging to other players. You can move your curve to the left and right using your keyboard – the curve propagates on its own. You have to move the curve around in such a way that other players either hit the screen edges or they smash into your curve. To make the game more interesting, the curves have spaces inside them (just like dashed lines) and you can pass through these gaps without colliding with the curves. You get more points if you last longer. There are multiple rounds and if you score the best in these rounds then you win the game.

Crazy Fever

Since the game requires only two keys of your keyboard, you can play this game with your friends using the same keyboard. In the beginning of the game, you can assign the left and right movement keys of your choice. Each player is assigned a different color for the curve, so it is not confusing for your friends to know which curve belongs to whom.

Crazy Fever

Curve Fever is a simple fun activity that you can have with your kids or friends on a slow afternoon. The makers of Curve Fever are promising another version to be released by the end of this month so it is going to be even more fun very soon.

You can play Curve Fever in your web browser by visiting