Download All Images on a Website with “I’m a Gentleman” extension for Chrome

Recently, we reviewed an extension for Firefox browser called Pick & Save Images that allows you download multiple images from any website or from all the websites opened in different tabs in Firefox. But if you are a Google Chrome user, then you can also download multiple images from any website using a similar extension for Chrome called “I’m a Gentleman”. It is not clear why the extension was given such a name, but it can be used to download one or more images from any website easily. This can be very useful for people who download many images from image galleries like from the wallpaper sites or celebrity picture sites.


The “I’m a Gentleman” extension adds a small icon in the Chrome toolbar and allows you to download images from websites in three different ways. You can download any particular image on any website by pressing the Alt key and clicking on that image. You can drag any image to the left or right edges of the browser window and then release the mouse to download that image. You can also click on the “I’m a Gentleman” icon in the browser toolbar to download all the images on the website open in the current tab.


Because downloading multiple images all at once is not a normal activity, Chrome asks you whether you want to allow a website to download multiple files to your computer. You have to click on the Allow button to proceed with the multiple images download.


However, if you choose to download all the images from a website, you should make sure that you have not enabled the setting to ask you before downloading the images each time in Chrome. If you have enabled this setting and if you click on the toolbar button for “I’m a Gentleman”, then your screen will be filled with the “Save As” windows. In order to disable this setting in Chrome, type chrome://settings, click on advanced settings, and then un-check the checkbox labeled “Ask where to save files”.


Conclusion: “I’m a Gentleman” can help you download multiple images in one click in your Chrome browser. However, you should make some settings changes in Chrome to avoid getting bombed by “Save As” dialogs before you start to use this extension.

You can get the “I’m a Gentleman” extension for Chrome from