Extend Battery Life with Doze App in Android Smartphones

Through the force of habit, I tend to fully charge my Android phone before going to bed. This way I do not have to worry in the morning if the phone is charged when going out for work. But recently I noticed that the phone that I charge to the full at night was getting completely discharged when I woke up in the morning. When I checked the battery status settings in Android, it showed that a large portion of the battery was being eaten up by “Phone Idle”. Clearly, the WiFi network connection was responsible for the unwanted battery drain.

When WiFi network or the mobile network does not have a strong signal, the phone keeps trying to connect to the networks over and over again and it often results in a lot of battery usage. Fortunately, there is a simple way to stop unnecessary battery drain when the phone is idle using the Doze app for android.

Doze app for Android

The Doze app has one and only one function – to stop the WiFi or mobile data networks from being used when the screen is switched off, that is, when the phone is idle. But instead of switching the networks off directly (which would consume more battery) the Doze app plays a clever trick – it employs a VPN network to connect to the internet and switches the VPN settings to prevent the network usage, thereby saving the battery charge and prolonging the battery life.

But if you have some apps that must be connected to the internet all the time, then you can specify and select them in the Doze app settings. In the settings, you can also configure Doze to use an aggressive mode (keeps blocking network even when screen is on) and to quit Doze on WiFi connection or wall charger connection.

Doze app for Android

Conclusion: The Doze app for Android smartphones can improve the battery life per charge cycle by reducing the network usage when the phone’s screen is turned off or when it is idle. It must be installed by all users of Android smartphones that have considerably small capacity batteries.

You can download the Doze app from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yirgalab.dzzz.