Instant Quantified Self for Android Collects Statistics from Everyday Life

It amazes all of us to read about some of the wonderful statistics often published in newspapers and magazines, for example – “on average a healthy adult human breathes 17,000 to 30,000 times in a day” or “we blink our eyes 28,800 times every day”. Somehow the simplest of the things that otherwise go unnoticed become so fascinating once they are expressed in terms of figures, i.e., when they get quantified. With a smartphone in your hand, now you can quantify your daily activities too. The free app “Instant : Quantified Self” promises to collect your everyday activities and quantify them for you. For example, it can tell you how many times you lock or unlock your Android device, how many miles you walk everyday, how many hours you sleep every night and so on.

This app tracks your app usage so that it can breakdown the time spent by you on your phone by the apps. It can tell you that you spent so many hours using the Chrome browser app, so many hours on the Youtube app and so on. There is an option for you to connect this app to the Google Health app so that it can retrieve your health statistics from the Google Health app. Furthermore, the Google Health app works with many devices manufactured by sports and fitness equipment companies, so in a way the Instant app can get the info from these device, albeit indirectly.

Instant Quantified Self

It can also monitor the places where you stay for a longer time (as opposed to the places from where you are just walking through). These collected statistics are then shown for every day, week or month in terms of figures as well as graphs. You can also set the reminders as per your daily limit of different activities which is a great way to stop your phone addiction.

Instant Quantified Self

Conclusion: “Instant : Quantified Self” can analyze your everyday activities and present them in exciting graphs or figures. If you are someone who keeps their smartphones glued to their palms, this app can help you rid of your phone addiction.

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