GoldenEye Source is Free Remake of the 1997 Nintendo64 Game

Of all the actors who have played James Bond over all the years, I like Pierce Brosnan the most. And of all the Bond movies in which Pierce Brosnan portrays the famous 007, I like the Golden Eye the most. When the movie was released back in 1995, it became so popular that finally Nintendo was forced to release a N64 game based on the movie. In the Golden Eye game of 1997, you become James Bond and go through the same difficulties as 007 does in the movie.

And now after all these years, Golden Eye is back again with much better graphics using Steam’s game engine. Good news is that now it can be played on any Windows PC. Some people have put together a mod using the  Source multiplayer engine (also used in the legendary Half Life game) and some of the original game levels from the Nintendo version of the Golden Eye game. The new game does not have single player mode, but if you have a couple of friends who love James Bond movies, it is going to be more fun playing the multi-player mode.

Golden Eye Source

There are four steps for setting up the game on your Windows PC:

  1. Install Steam on your Windows PC. Create a new Steam account if you do not already have one and sign-in using this account.
  2. Inside Steam, choose the tools section and then download Source SDK base 2007. If you have installed Steam, then you can just click on this link steam://install/218.
  3. Download Golden Eye Source full installer (almost 2 GB in size), launch the installer and follow the instructions. The installer takes care of everything and places files in proper folders.
  4. If Steam is running, restart it and then you are ready to launch Golden Eye Source from inside the Steam.

I have played the original Nintendo64 version of the game before. There is a huge difference between the original game and the remake – the graphics are much better and improved, the game-play is flawless and fluid, and the overall gaming experience brings back the nostalgia of the late 90’s.