Access Android Smartphone from the Comfort of Chrome Browser on PC with Vysor

These days we have to work with so many devices that sometimes it becomes a chaos to switch from one to another. We all carry at least one smartphone whether Android or iPhone and most of us also have to work with computers whether desktop computers or notebook computers. If you own an Android smartphone, then you can access them right on your computer screen without much configuration using the Vysor extension for Chrome. This way you do not have to swivel from one screen to another to manage your everyday jobs. And what is more, the Vysor is not like other similar apps or extensions – it allows you to fully control your Android phone using your keyboard and mouse. So if you want to write that lengthy message or post on your Android phone, Vysor could be really helpful.

Vysor comes as an extension for the Chrome web browser. This means that Vysor can be used on all computers where you can install Chrome browser – including the computers running Linux, Mac, Windows and so on. Having installed the Vysor app, you can enable the developer options in Android phone and also enable USB debugging. In addition, you should also have ADB installed on your PC. After these preliminary steps you can connect your Android smartphone to your computer using a USB cable.

Vysor : Android to Chrome

Now you have to launch the Vysor app from Chrome browser and click on the Find Devices button. This will show you a small list of all the Android devices connected to your PC via the USB debugging. You have to select your Android smartphone from the list and click on the Select button. You may see USB debugging prompt in your smartphone in which case you have to choose “Allow” for the Vysor app to work.

Vysor : Android to Chrome

Once these steps are completed, Vysor will install a Vysor app on your Android smartphone, so that it can communicate between your PC and the smartphone. The app screen in your smartphone will show you some of the basic keyboard functions, for example, Esc means go back and F1 means menu button and so on.

Vysor : Android to Chrome

Pretty soon, you will see your smartphone screen on your computer and will be able to control it using mouse and keyboard. You can open any email or messaging app and type the messages or posts using your keyboard. If you have a touch-screen, then you can actually control the smartphone by touching your PC screen.

Vysor : Android to Chrome

Conclusion: Vysor is an innovative solution that allows you not only view your smartphone screen from your PC, but also control it using your mouse and keyboard. Being a Chrome based app, the Vysor app works across all the popular platforms that support the Chrome browser.

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