How to Change or Install New Spellcheck Dictionaries in Firefox

When I type a new post for this web site, I try my best to avoid spelling mistakes but sometimes my tired fingers fall on the wrong keys and it still happens. And if I cannot point out those mistyped words, the in-built spell checker tool in the Firefox web browser highlights them with a curly red underline (just like in Microsoft Word or LibreOffice). But Firefox comes with only one spellcheck dictionary belonging to the locale of the Firefox web browser installer that you downloaded from their website.

For example, if you have installed the Firefox web browser using the setup installer for en-US (US English) locale then you will have a spellcheck dictionary for US English only. If you want to add more dictionaries for spellchecking, then you have to proceed as follows:

  1. Visit in your Firefox web browser.
  2. Locate the dictionary that you want to install and click on Install Dictionary link shown against it. There are language packs available for downloads too, but you do not have to install them. The difference between language packs and the dictionaries is that the former change the user interface language for Firefox to a certain extent while the dictionaries are used only for spell checking needs.Add or Change Spellcheck Dictionaries in Firefox
  3. The dictionaries are installed as add-ons. Once you have installed all the dictionaries you want to use in the spellchecking, you can view a list of the installed dictionaries from the Dictionaries section of about:addons page.Add or Change Spellcheck Dictionaries in Firefox
  4. In order to switch to the newly installed dictionaries when typing in a multi-line textbox in any website, just right-click  inside the textbox and select Languages and then choose any of the dictionaries from the list. Spellcheck must be enabled before you can choose the dictionaries, so if the Languages menu is greyed out, you can first select Check spelling in the menu.Add or Change Spellcheck Dictionaries in Firefox

More and more people are becoming bilinguals and the need to have two or more language dictionaries is becoming very common. As far as Firefox is concerned, you can easily have two or more language dictionaries installed in it without any problems.