Capture and Edit the Snapshots Dynamically in Windows with Snipaste

There are dozens of reasons why you would want to capture the screenshots of different things on your Windows computer. Different people try to capture the screen shots of games, apps, websites, programs, errors and more. The traditional approach to do this is to first take the screenshot and then edit it as you please. I myself have been using MWSnap to capture the screenshots and then use to edit the captured screens (both of these programs are freeware). But if you are in a hurry or do not really care about spending so much time on just editing the pictures, then you can use the free Snipaste screenshot capture program.

Snipaste stands out from other similar application in the way it works. It allows you to capture the screenshots, but before you can save them to files, it allows you to edit them dynamically right on the captured screen. At the same time, you can continue to use the old school method and capture the screenshot, save it to a file and then edit them as you like.


After launching the Snipaste program, it sticks an icon in the notification area of the Windows desktop. You can access the program preferences from this notification area icon. In these preferences, you can change the hotkeys for taking the screenshots (snips), for pasting them into image editors like Microsoft Paint, hiding all the images snipped and more.


As you press the snipping hotkey (by default it is F1), the screen becomes capture ready and you can move your mouse cursor to capture any of the windows, the controls (like buttons, list boxes etc) or any other portions of the screen. When you click on a selected region to snip it, a basic image editor appears using which you can draw arrows, lines, geometric shapes, erase content, blur content, and annotate the image in general.


Conclusion: Snipaste is a unique screen capture and editor utility. It is portable and works smoothly with all the versions of Windows. It is perfect application for snipping your screen for various reasons like writing tutorials, describing errors and so on.

You can download Snipaste from