How to Unlink Devices and Apps in the Dropbox Account

Recently there was a blog post by Dropbox that they have come across a large dump of usernames and passwords belonging to the Dropbox accounts. This dump has been available in the dark crevices of the internet since 2012. But Dropbox people have become aware of it only a few weeks earlier. So now Dropbox is sending email messages for all their users explaining how to reset their passwords. Even though resetting your password and using a strong password is enough for everyone, but you should also make sure that your Dropbox account is not linked to devices and apps that you no longer use or do not recognize.

You can easily unlink devices and apps in your Dropbox account using a few steps:

  1. Log on to Dropbox account in a web browser preferably on your PC.
  2. Switch to the Dropbox security settings by visiting to Dropbox Devices and Apps
  3. Scroll down and you will find a list of the devices and the apps that you have previously linked to your Dropbox account. Click on the small X next to an app or device that you want to unlink.Unlink Dropbox Devices and Apps
  4. You will be shown a confirmation message asking you if you want to disconnect the app or device and remove its permissions to access your Dropbox account. Choose to remove the device or the uninstall the app.Unlink Dropbox Devices and Apps
  5. In a few seconds the app or the device shall be removed and a message to this effect shall be displayed.

In the light of the findings by the Dropbox researchers, it is a good idea to not only change your password to a very strong one and also unlink the devices or apps that were given permissions to access your Dropbox account. Even though that chances are high that your account was probably never compromised, you should keep the security settings updated and keep modifying your password regularly.