N Music : Lightweight Music Player for Android Devices

What is life without music? But for a really good music listening experience, you need some basic things like a set of good headphones (I personally love the Sennheiser headphones but there are so many other choices), nice quiet surroundings where you do not get disturbed too much and a good easy-to-use app for your smartphone – something like the N Music app for the Android devices. You can get the Sennheiser headphones from Amazon at a discounted price and you can install the N Music app from the Google Playstore.

The N Music is a lightweight app (download size is 2.8 MB only) and works wonderfully well on all Android devices (even on the really old Android KitKat phones). You can compare it to the 1by1 app that we reviewed previously, but 1by1 specializes in playing  all of the music files inside a folder one after another in a sequence. N Music, on the other hand, is more like a regular music player with 10 band equalizer with a virtualizer and the bass control in addition to  a floating widget.

N Music for Android

The N Music widget comes really handy when you are busy sharing pictures over Instagram, liking posts on Facebook or re-tweeting the tweets of your Twitter celebrities. The widget stays near the left or the right edge of the screen and allows one-tap pause/play of the music. You can also expand this widget into a tiny music control that allows you to skip back and forth in the music playlist.

N Music for Android

In the settings for the N Music app you can choose if you want to display the artwork on the lock-screen of your phone, choose a starting screen for the app, decide if the music should be paused when audio loses focus (for example, when a phone call is received) and more.

N Music for Android

Conclusion: All in all, N Music for Android is a feature rich, lightweight and ad-free music player that can easily replace the stock music player that comes in your Android phone.

You can get the N Music for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cnj.nplayer.