How to Use One WebCam in Multiple Applications Simultaneously with KVYcam

If  you are using your web cam in one application (for example, Skype) and try to access the webcam at the same time in a different application (for example, on a website like YouNow) then it usually throws up some error that webcam is not available or it is busy or access is denied etc. This is because most of the webcam drivers in Windows are designed to entertain just one application at one time – in other words, you cannot use your webcam simultaneously for different apps. The freeware application KVYcam allows you to break this barrier and use just one webcam in many different application by splitting the stream using its own webcam driver.

KVYcam is a webcam stream splitter and can make the stream available for a number of webcam ready applications. It installs its own webcam driver in Windows and the original captured webcam stream is run made available to other applications via this driver. Because KVYcam acts as an intermediate video stream processor, it is also able to send the contents of a video file to the applications as the webcam stream. In addition, it can also capture your Windows desktop activities through the KVYcam webcam driver as video stream. Moreover, KVYcam can also be used to record video from your webcam or desktop and save it as an MP4 file.


To use KVYcam, first you have to make sure that you have installed the KVYcam webcam driver in your Windows PC. After than you can just launch KVYcam and switch the mode to – webcam, video or desktop. In the webcam mode, it captures live stream from your real webcam, splits it and then sends it to any application using the KVYcam web driver. In the video mode, it sends the video contents from a video file to the KVYcam virtual webcam. And in the desktop mode, your PC screen is captured and sent to the KVYcam virtual webcam.

In the applications that want to use the webcam, you have to select “KVYcam Video Recorder for Windows” for them to get the stream from KVYcam. For example, if you want to use KVYcam in Skype, then select KVYcam from the list of webcams available for Skype.

You can download KVYcam from


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