Install & Update Utilities from Sysnternals and Nirsoft with WSCC

Windows System Control Center (WSCC) is a third party portable tool for installing and updating freeware utilities from Microsoft owned Sysinternal suite, Windows in-built tools and another third-party Nirsoft suite. You can also organize, arrange and execute these utilities from one single place using the WSCC. It can download and install the utilities automatically as the new updates are detected. You can also make it download the utilities each time you need to run them instead of storing them. Since the WSCC is a portable program, you can keep on a pen drive and use it on any Windows PC as and when needed.

When you launch WSCC for the very first time, it asks you to choose the sources of software – you are given Sysinternals, Nirsoft and Windows as the options. Usually the Sysinternals suite of utilities, which comprises of over 70 different tools, is the only one you would ever need. But you can try other suites if you want to try them too.

Windows System Control Center

After selecting the source of software, it starts to check for the updates and lists all the available utilities that you can download to your PC. You can select the ones you think would be useful for you and click on the Install button. However, the utilities are very small in size and you can download them all in less than one minute.

Windows System Control Center

All these installed utilities appear in the main WSCC window in form of a list and you can launch them from there. They are also categorized by their respective functions, for example, file system utilities, network utilities, process utilities, security utilities, system information utilities and miscellaneous utilities. You can also search for the utilities using a search field on the top of the window.

Windows System Control Center

Conclusion: WSCC makes it very easy to always keep the best system utilities available from Sysinternals or Nirsoft updated on your system. You can search and launch these utilities from the WSCC interface itself.

You can download WSCC from