Kaspersky Secure Password Check Shows How Strong Your Password Is

There are many different ways to get a strong password – there are online password generators (like the Norton password generator), there are offline password generators tools (like our PassGen tool), some of the web browsers like Google Chrome come with an automatic password suggestion feature and then there are smartphone apps that can generate passwords for you. On top of all these, you can also manually make your own password by following a set of rules (for example, use a password of at least 8-12 characters long, use mixed case letters, numerals and special characters, do not repeat characters and do not use the dictionary words).

But how would you know if the password that you have created is really strong enough to withstand the brute-force attacks by the powerful modern processors. While you are patting your back at successfully making up a password that you think is very strong, the password could be easily brute-forced even by the cheapest notebook computers.

Kaspersky Password Secure Check

An easy way to get an idea of the strength of your password is by using the Kaspersky Secure Password Check web app. On this web app, all you have to do is enter your password and it will tell you of the password security and if it suffers from some known problems (like dictionary words or repeated letters). However, Kaspersky Secure Password Check web page warns you not to enter your actual password as the service exists only for educational purpose (to learn how to get the securest and strongest passwords).

Kaspersky Password Secure Check

On the top it displays how much time an average home computer will take to crack down your password. At the bottom, it displays a colorful bar chart about how much time it will take for various systems to brute-force your password. It shows the time duration that would be taken by now-discontinued 1980’s computer, by Macbook Pro, by Conficker botnet and by Tianhe 2 -the most powerful supercomputer in the world.

You can use Secure Password Check tool to understand the basics of password security like how many characters you should use, the character set you should use, whether repeated or common known passwords reduce password security, whether dictionary words make the password weaker and so on.

You can visit the Kaspersky Secure Password Check at https://password.kaspersky.com/.