LaZagne Recovers Passwords from Different Programs

Because of its name, the open source program LaZagne might be mistaken for an application that lists recipes for making delicious pasta or some other Italian food, but it is in fact a password recovery tool for Windows and Linux. It is able to recover your credentials stored in a wide variety of programs for example, web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera, those stored in e-mail clients like Thunderbird or Outlook and more.

LaZagne does not have a GUI, but it is a command line interface (CLI) program. After downloading this program in Windows (or Linux), you have to give the command lazagne followed by some parameters to recover the passwords stored in your computer. You can see all the available parameters by giving the command lazagne -h.

LaZagne Password Recovery

For example, the parameter mails recovers passwords only from e-mail clients, the parameter browsers recovers passwords only from web browsers. So, if you give a command lazagne sysadmin, then it will display credentials stored in programs like FileZilla, WinSCP, CoreFTP, Cyberduck etc.

LaZagne Password Recovery

Since the LaZagne program is a portable program and can be run from any USB pen drive, you can use it to quickly dump all the passwords stored on any PC into a file. For this, you have to create a batch script file with a single command lazagne all -oN in it. This batch file should be kept inside the same folder where you have copied the LaZagne.exe file. Now just plug-in this USB pen drive in any Windows computer and double-click on the batch script file, it will instantly dump all the recoverable credentials into a folder named result.

LaZagne Password Recovery

Conclusion: LaZagne could be useful for recovering your previously stored credentials in various programs in Windows or Linux. It is a great tool for the day when you cannot remember the passwords but know that you stored it somewhere in a program.

You can download LaZagne from