Pick & Save Images for Firefox: Download All Images from a Webpage

When you want to download a single image from a webpage, all you have to do is right-click on it, choose Save Image As… and then save it somewhere in your computer. But if you have to download multiple images from a single web page, then using this method for all the images could become very annoying and cumbersome. Instead, you can use a Firefox extension called “Pick & Save Images” that can download all the images from one or more web pages in a single click.

The “Pick & Save Images” extension adds a toolbar icon in Firefox – whenever you have to download images from a webpage, you can just click on this icon. However, for special functions you can click on the small downward arrow in this toolbar icon to choose downloading of images with a delay of 5 second (useful if webpage is still busy loading), download images from all open tabs, download from visible webpage, download from selected portion of the webpage and more.

Pick and Save Images

In the window that opens up, you can filter the images based on their resolution, file size, transparency, image formats and so on. You can also ignore or include the images that are not yet loaded in the web page or are duplicate of images present on the same or other webpages. All the images are displayed in form of a gallery that you can sort through by file names, file sizes and so on.

Pick and Save Images

After selecting the images from a gallery of available images, you can save them to any folder of your choice. The “Pick & Save Images” extension gives you options even when saving the images – you can save the images to sub-folders, add suffix to folders, use different folders for different tabs, change the names of image files being saved and more.

Pick and Save Images

Conclusion: “Pick & Save Images” extension for Firefox helps you download multiple images from one or more web pages in a single click. It is great for all those people who download wallpapers and other images from the internet very often.

You can download “Pick & Save Images” extension for Firefox from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/picknsave/.