PokéNurse : Manage Pokémon Go from Desktop Computer

Pokémon Go has been a part of the daily news for past one month or so for various reasons – first of all it has become the most popular augmented reality mobile game in the world, then there was some news of it getting banned in some countries or institutions, some people suffering injuries when playing this game, McDonald’s partnering with Niantic to boost their sales and more. If you have been all aloof from all this and kept on playing Pokémon on your own, then you may want to relax and manage your Pokémon Go Pokémon collection from the comfort of your desktop PC using a freeware application called PokéNurse.

PokéNurse is a cross-platform open-source application that works on both Windows and Mac computers. Upon launching this program, you are presented with a screen where you have to login using your Google account or using your Pokémon Trainer Club account. The program cannot use the two-step authentication offered by Google, so you have to create an app password in your Google settings in order to use PokéNurse.


After successful login, it will display your a list of all the Pokémon captured by you using the Pokémon Go app on your mobile. For each of the Pokémon, it will display the Pokédex #, the animated icon (sprite), name, count of Pokémon of the same type, candy and evolution counter. You can expand the Pokémon type list by clicking on the small plus icon and then then select any of the Pokémon you have captured. Now you can select any of these collections and then evolve or transfer them. You can also add or remove Pokémon from your favorites list.


Conclusion: If you are tired of moving around holding your smartphone, you can sit down and use PokéNurse on your desktop computer in order to manage your Pokémon collection. It supports signing in using both the Google account and the Pokémon Trainer Club accounts.

You can download PokéNurse from https://github.com/vinnymac/PokeNurse.