Mpowersaver Saves Power by Automatically Turning Off Monitor or PC

I usually am the first to arrive at my workplace – an office equipped with thirty two large screen desktop computers. I have no idea when these computers are powered on or powered off, but I always see their screens running one or the other screensavers when nobody is using them. The computers perhaps are needed for some background processing, but monitors can be turned off to save the power. However, everyone is busy in their work and nobody bothers to press that small switch in the monitors to turn off the screen.

Perhaps a program like Mpowersaver could be helpful in scenarios like this. This free program can be used to automatically turning off the monitor and even the PC. In this small portable program’s settings you can configure when to turn off the monitor. It can be made to turn off the monitor when screensaver starts, when the PC is inactive for a specified duration of time (and optionally lock the PC too).


Moreover the program Mpowersaver can also schedule a PC shutdown easily. In the Advance tab of the program settings window, you can choose a time and date for the schedule. You can also choose the action for the schedule – shutdown, restart, hibernate, sleep, stand by. There are options to put the PC on the hibernate or sleep mode on selected days of the week.


Mpowersaver is a very small program that could be used for saving the power wasted by your PC when it is running for no reason at all. With Mpowersaver running in your PC, you do not have to worry about turning off your PC – you can walk out of your house or office and the Mpowersaver will automatically turn off your computer after a pre-set time duration of inactivity.

You can download Mpowersaver from