Windows Update Minitool : Control Automatic Updates in Windows

Microsoft deploys updates every month to all the Windows users through a service called Automatic Updates. These updated may contain new features, bug fixes and security fixes to improve the performance of your PC and fix some of the known vulnerabilities in it. It is a good idea to always keep the  Automatic Updates feature enabled to make sure that your PC gets all the needed updates in time. But sometimes these updates are downloaded and start installing automatically when you are busy doing some important work. In these situations, you can use the free program “Windows Update Minitool” to configure and control how the updates are downloaded and installed in your Windows PC.

After downloading the Windows Update Minitool, you can click on the small update icon and it will fetch the available updates list from the Windows servers for your Windows operating system version. In a short while, you will see all the available driver updates, system updates and other component updates for your PC. After you get the list with all the new available updates, you can do two things – download them now but install them at a later time or download and install them immediately.

Windows Update Minitool

If there are some updates that can cause system stability problems, then you can hide them using Windows Update Minitool. You can also control the general behavior of Automatic Updates for Windows – you can set Automatic Updates mode to disabled, notification only, managed by administrator, automatic and scheduled.

Conclusion: Windows Update Minitool is a portable program that gives you full and complete control on how Windows downloads the newest hotfixes and other updates from the Microsoft servers. It can be used to hide some of the updates so they are not installed, to instantly install updates, to just download them without installing and more.

You can download Windows Update Minitool from