Change Icons for Windows 10 Start Screen Tiles with Win10Tile

Microsoft introduced the Start screen and the Modern interface (previously known as Metro interface) in the version 8 of the Windows operating system. The Start screen, originally intended to be a complete replacement for the Start menu, displays the apps and programs shortcuts in form of tiles. Actually the tiles are much more than just app shortcuts, they can be interactive and display live or dynamic content. While the tiles belonging to the new Modern apps are displayed perfectly well, Windows 10 uses a small icon for the ones linked to the traditional programs like Registry Editor, Paint or Notepad.

However, with the help of a program called Win10Tile you can change the tile icons belonging to any app or program very easily. The app lists all the shortcuts to various programs stored in your computer’s “Program Data” folder. You can select any of these shortcuts and Win10Tile will show you some basic information about that selected shortcut in the list. For example, it will show you the the program to which the shortcut points to, the large and small images assigned to the tile belonging to that shortcut and more.


In order to change the tile icon, you have to click on the Select Image button and choose any icon or image of square shape (the height and width of the image should be same). But you can also choose a non-square image. You can select different images for 150×150 and 70×70 dimensions. There is also an option to make the label visible and changing the background colors. Click on the Save button to make the changes take effect. To display these modified shortcuts on the Start screen, you have to open the Start menu and then pin the shortcuts to the Start screen.

Conclusion: Win10Tile makes it extremely easy to assign any image or icon to the shortcuts in the Start menu. These shortcuts can then be pinned to the Start screen to get the tiles with large and custom icons of your choice.

You can download Win10Tile from