Yadis! Backup : Lightweight Backup Utility for Windows

When many people look at the backup utilities, they tend to think that this is something for offices or work related documents. But creating regular backups is very important for everyone whether at home or office. Backups protect our data against all kinds of damage caused by a myriad of factors – malware infection, fire, theft, disk failure, power failure, file corruption and many more. If you have backed up your files earlier, you do not have to worry about any of these things damaging your files – you can always restore the most recent version of files from your backup.

If you are considering an easy-to-use and effective backup utility for home or office use, then you can use Yadis! Backup. It presents a simple interface and offers to perform automated or schedules backups of your files. It is designed both for the advanced as well as the novice users and you can select a level as the program starts for the very first time. You can also configure it to automatically start with Windows so that all the backups are monitored and performed in the background automatically.

Yadis! Backup

You can start by creating a backup job which could be general backup task, backup of favorites, or backup to the FTP server. Most people would go for the general task. You have to supply a name and the description for each of the backup tasks. Then you have to specify a source folder (the files to be backed up) and the destination folder (where backup would be stored).

Yadis! Backup

Once a backup job is created, it can be run from the Yadis! Backup main interface. For this you can select a backup job and then click on the Start to process the backup task. Later when you want to restore files from a backup, you can select it from the list and click on the Restore button to proceed with the file restoration process.

Yadis! Backup

Conclusion: Yadis! Backup can perform manual or automated backups of your most valued files. It does not use any proprietary file format for creating the backups so that you can manually restore the files if needed.

You can download Yadis! Backup from http://www.codessentials.com/.