Easily Backup Files on Cloud Storage with Duplicacy

We have mentioned the importance of keeping regular backups time and time again. In some cases, keeping a backup of all of your important files is the only defense against data loss. For example, in the case of ransomware infection that encrypts your private files and then demands a ransom from you to decrypt the files, your best bet is to restore your files from a backup if you had created any. And even when it comes to keeping backups, it is always considered a better habit to keep the backups on the cloud storage so that the backups do not get affected by malware or other things causing data loss.

Duplicacy is a freeware backup software that can create a backup of your files over to the cloud storage accounts. It supports cloud storage accounts from Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Backblaze, Dropbox and you can also use an SFTP account.


You start by selecting a source and destination resource location for your backup. The source is always one of the local folders on your local disks. You can include more than one source folders if needed. You can also exclude some files/folders from the backup. In addition, you can also select a password to encrypt the data locally before it is stored on the cloud storage. The destination resource could be another local folder, SFTP, Backblaze B2, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure or Dropbox.


Backup can be scheduled to be run at specific times on specified days of the week. You can set the frequency of running the backup task and setup when the older backup snapshots should be pruned. Clicking on the Start button will manually start the backup process. Once you have the backup snapshots, you can switch to the Restore tab, find a backup set and view all the files inside it. You can restore one or more files from the backup if such a need arises.


Conclusion: Duplicacy is a cross-platform cloud backup tool that offers local data encryption. It supports a myriad of cloud storage solutions and can encrypt the files before uploading them to the cloud.

You can download Duplicacy from https://duplicacy.com/.