Activate God Mode in Windows Easily with MyGodMode

The God Mode is a specially designed folder in Windows that contains all the settings available for the operating system. It is also called the Master Control Panel or the All Tasks folder. Microsoft added the support for this special folder starting with Windows Vista and it has continued to be included since then. We have mentioned it more than one times how you can create he God Mode folder manually in Windows. For example, you can learn how you can create the God Mode folder in Windows 8. Basically  the instructions are same for all the versions of Windows. But if you do not want to manually create this God Mode folder, then you can use the MyGodMode utility developed by the makers of the popular archiving software PeaZip.

The MyGodMode utility comes in the form of an installer and you can choose to create the God Mode folder on the Windows Desktop, in the Start Menu, in the Quick Start toolbar (this option is only available in Windows Vista) or in the system’s content-menu. Typically, most of the users will select the first option only (to create the God Mode folder on the Windows Desktop).


The utility goes a step further and also allows you to remove the God Mode folder easily when you no longer need it. You can remove all the shortcuts to the God Mode folder using the “Programs and Features” and uninstalling MyGodMode from your system.


The God Mode folder does not look anything like any other common folders. It looks like the Control Panel that is available via the Start Menu. The God Mode folder contains more than 260 shortcuts to various settings in the Windows and other system management tools. It was originally intended only for the Windows developers but now everyone can have the access to this God Mode folder using the MyGodMode utility.

You can download MyGodMode from