Disable Any Hotkey in Windows with Simple Disable Key

Hotkeys in Windows can make your life easier if you know how to use them.  Also called shortcut keys, the hotkeys are a combination of two or more than two different keys. If you press all the keys in a hotkey combination simultaneously then it can execute the action assigned to that hotkey. Windows itself has some in-built hotkeys like Ctrl+C for copying, Ctrl+V for pasting, Win+R for opening Run dialog and so on. Other third party programs can also install hotkeys of their own, for example, MWSnap (a screen capturing utility) install Ctrl+Shift+W hotkey that captures any open window.

But sometimes when playing games you accidentally press the hotkeys and that takes you from the full-screen game to some stupid application that got activated by that hotkey. This is why I either close down all the other applications first before playing games or I use Simple Disable Key to disable all the keys that could interfere in the computer games.

Simple Disable Key is a small utility to disable any particular key or a hotkey. Using this utility you can basically disable any hotkey in Windows. It is very useful if you want to disable a hotkey that is interfering with other programs or games.

Simple Disable Key

You can add as many keys or hotkeys in the Simple Disable Key program. You have to type in the box and you can add key modifiers like Alt, Ctrl, Shift and Win. After this you can click on the Add Key button and that hotkey will be added to the program.

By default all the hotkeys added this way are disabled instantly for all programs, but you can choose which hotkeys should be disabled for which programs. You can even specify a time schedule only for which the hotkeys should be disabled.

Conclusion: Simple Disable Key offers easy way to disable hotkeys temporarily if they are interfering with other programs or games. It is an ideal solution for a non-functioning key in your keyboard or for disabling some hotkeys from being used.

You can download Simple Disable Key from http://www.4dots-software.com/simple-disable-key/.