Emby is Feature Loaded Multi-platform Media Server & Media Browser

These days everyone keeps an array of devices like notebook computers, smartphones, smart televisions and so on. And all of these devices come with lots of memory to save your media files. Many of us spend a few minutes everyday trying to copy new media from one device to another. If you want to save yourself from the trouble of managing media across a number of devices, then you can use Emby media server.

Emby offers both a media server and also a media browser using which you can not only manage your media, but you can also play it on any device. Emby server is available for a large number of platforms – Windows, Mac, Linux, NAS and FreeBSD. Similarly, the Emby apps are available for many devices like Android, iOS, Samsung SmartTV, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon FireTV, XBOX, Kodi and more.

Setting up the media server is pretty easy. You can download and install it on any supported platform. For example, in Windows it can be either installed or run as a portable program ( it requires .NET 4.6.2). It can be accessed through the system tray icon. First thing, you would want to do after the installation is to Configure Emby server.

Emby Media Server

The Emby server configuration is done through a web interface, where you can add users and configure their access type. You can also add folders containing media files like videos, audio files and pictures. You are asked to download FFMPEG and specify its folder because it is needed in playing certain types of media files.

Emby Media Server

Once your Emby server is up and running, you can see the web access URL from the server dashboard. The access is available both from a local network as well as from the internet. For the latter to work properly, you must forward local port in your router to make the Emby server visible to the internet.

Emby Media Server

At this stage, you should be able to download and install the Emby apps available for different platforms like for the Samsung Smart TV, Amazon FireTV, Android TV etc., and access your media files from there. Emby can be used both from local and remote locations. So you would be able to access your media files from your home, office or from a different country as well.

Emby Media Server

Conclusion: Emby media server and content viewer makes it very easy to manage all of your media across many devices very easily. You can install it on any local device and then access the media from any supported local or remote device.

You can download Emby for your platform from http://emby.media/.

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