MyScript Calculator : Draw Mathematical Expressions and Get Results in Android

We have covered many different apps for Android smartphones that could be useful for students to solve some of the tough looking mathematical equations. For example, an app called MathMagic can solve equations but you have to type in the equations and another app called Mathway can scan equations from your textbook and solve them in seconds. While all of these apps have their own pros and cons, there is yet another app called MyScript Calculator that helps you solve equations or simplify mathematical expressions that you enter by drawing on the smartphone screen using your finger or any standard stylus.

When you start the app for the very first time, it guides you through a number of tutorial like steps showing you what the app can do for you. For example, it tells you that you can edit the expression by striking out or overwriting previous one, for unknown quantities you can use a question mark, and when writing large expressions you can get more time by choose the option from the settings.

MyScript Calculator

The app supports a large number of common operators and constants as shown in the screenshot above. And if you want to modify the automatic calculation to the manual calculation mode, it can be done from the app settings. From the settings, you can also the number of decimal places for approximated results, the unit for the measurement of angle, and some of the writing options.

MyScript Calculator

You can use your finger to write the equations and the app will try to solve them. It recognizes even the worst of the handwriting and finds no problem in solving the equations or calculating the results for a mathematical expression. I have found that girls with their small fingers can write better on the smartphone’s screen. But you can always buy a stylus for helping in writing on the touchscreen.

MyScript Calculator

Conclusion: MyScript Calculator app can be very useful for the high school students who want to quickly check their mathematics home work for any mistakes. Since the app does not support advanced mathematical expressions, it might not be very useful for the senior school students.

You can download MyScript Calculator app for Android from