Kaspersky Threat Scan Detects Known Vulnerabilities in Android

There was a time when cyber criminals targeted only Windows operating system. But as other operating systems and newer devices became popular, their aim has shifted towards mobile devices like Android smartphones and tablets. The way a malicious app makes its way into your Android device is through the third party APK download sites and then it make use of some of the known vulnerabilities which could provide root level access to these apps. Once it gains root level access, it can basically do anything in your mobile phone – download more malicious apps, make phone calls overseas, send text messages, steal stored passwords, etc.

The first step in the fight against the Android malware is to find out whether your device suffers from some of the known vulnerabilities that are often used by the malicious apps. You can use the free app Kaspersky Threat Scan to scan your Android device for some of the known vulnerabilities. This app can scan your device for Fake ID, Heart Bleed, Master Key and FREAK vulnerabilities.

After launching the app, you have to just tap on the Start Scan button and it will go through every single file in your Android phone. In only a few seconds, it will show you the results and you can see if your device is affected by any of these vulnerabilities. Below the results the app also suggests you to install Kaspersky Internet Security for protection from malware and other threats.

Kaspersky Threat Scan

If your device turns out to be affected by any of the vulnerabilities then you should consider upgrading your Android operating system through the updates released by your device manufacturer. You can also search for any latest ROMs available for your device on the XDA forum, but using these ROMs will most probably void your device warranty.

You can download Kaspersky Threat Scan app for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kaspersky.lightscanner.