Kaspersky Free Scans Android Devices for Threats and Malware

Kaspersky is one of the most popular security firms in the world known for their software products that provide malware protection for your mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers, notebooks and so on. They are now offering a small app called Kaspersky Free that can quickly scan your mobile phone or tablet using advanced technologies for the latest threats and malware. It can scan some of the key areas of your Android device to find out if there is any malicious app installed with or without your permission. It can also suggest some other security products for your device to boost its level of security.

Kaspersky Free is basically a lite or trimmed down version of the full Kaspersky Mobile Security app. It can be used only to scan some of the threats that could be hiding inside your mobile phone, but it does not provide any real-time protection. When you launch this app, it tells you about all the different kinds of security apps designed by Kaspersky that you can download from the Play store.

Kaspersky Free for Android

But to start the scanning for the malware, you can just tap on the Scan button in the app. This will instantly launch the scan and it tries to find all the malicious apps in your device. Upon the completion of the scan, a final report is displayed telling you how much time it took to scan your device, how many viruses were detected and how many apps were actually scanned.

Even though it does not offer any real-time protection, it can be helpful in detecting any possible threats hiding away in your Android phone. You can also use it as a second opinion malware scanner in addition to some other security app that you regularly use.

You can download Kaspersky Free from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kaspersky.free.