Night Owl Screen Dimmer for Android Reduces Strain on Your Eyes

Today we are surrounded by brightly lit digital screens like those of the desktop computers, notebooks, tablets, mobile phones and televisions etc. In addition, we are also exposed to non-stop bright white light of one or other types of electrical lights like the fluorescent lamps, LED lamps and so on. But all this bright light has a negative effect on our health in the night time. According to a study at the Harvard Medical School, the blue light emanating from the various sources at the night time could lead to cancer, obesity, heart diseases and diabetes. The

If blue light is so bad for us, then why not block it if we have to use the digital screens at night time. According to the experts at the Harvard Medical School, we should wear blue light blocking glasses if we have to work with computer screens at night. Alternatively, you can install blue light blocking apps in your devices to prevent the harmful effect of the blue light.

Night Owl Screen Dimmer

Night Owl is a free app for Android devices that does exactly that – it can block the blue light on your smartphone or tablet screen. But it can also dim the screen brightness automatically at night so that the very bright screen does not cause sudden strain on your eyes which could lead to headaches. You can change the time period for automatically dimming the screen brightness. The app can filter the blue light, but you can also specify the RGB values and make it filter any color of light of your choice. But filtering the blue light is suggested for the overall health.

In addition to using this app, you should also expose yourself to bright daylight during the day time and use dim red light lamps in your house at the night. This way you can prevent the harmful effects of the blue light coming from your computer or smartphone screens.

You can download the Night Owl app for Android from