NQ Call Blocker for Android Rids of Unsolicited Calls and Text Messages

Has it ever happened to you that you were in the middle of the shower when you heard your phone ring and you ran out of the shower quickly wrapping yourself in any towel you could lay your hands on, only to discover that it was some stupid marketing call trying to sell you some insurance policy? We all have received such unsolicited calls and text messages, but we pick up the phone again and again anticipating that it could be something important. If you want to finally get rid of such phone calls and messages then NQ Call Blocker app for Android can do the job for you.

NQ Call Blocker is a very lightweight and small app (download size for the app is just 1.5 MB in size). It does not consume much of your CPU power and keeps working in the background. It offers multiple ways of blocking the unwanted phone calls. You can specify a blacklist to block any communications from specified phone numbers. You can specify a whitelist to make sure that you always receive calls and messages from a certain list of phone numbers. You can also choose a blocking mode – hang instantly, mute the phone, hang the phone and send the caller some message.

NQ Call Blocker

In addition to the blacklist (in which you can add phone numbers from your contacts list, from call long, from the messages or even manually), the NQ Call Blocker app can also automatically block the one ring phone call scams. You can enable this feature in the settings of the app from where you can also make it show a notification every time it blocks an unsolicited phone call.

NQ Call Blocker

Conclusion: NQ Call Blocker app for Android is definitely one of the most effective apps to prevent unwanted phone calls and text messages.

You can download NQ Call Blocker app from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.netqin.mm.