Reading Time for Chrome : View Time Spent on Various Websites

Internet is definitely addictive and you can end up spending hours on one thing or another without doing anything productive. How many late nights you have spend reading about the nuclear physics or the history of Japan on Wikipedia? I have personally wasted away many afternoons watching Just For Laughs videos on Youtube. Anyhow, if you usually lose the count of time when you are left alone with your notebook computer and good internet access, then you should use the Reading Time extension for the Chrome browser.

The Reading Time extension for Chrome displays the time you have spent on a website so that you do not waste too much time on unimportant things that could captivate your attention in the middle of your usual work. It displays a timer on the top-left corner of the website indicating how many hours or minutes you have spend on a site.

Reading Time for Chrome

If you want to do not really want to be bothered by the timer and just want to lose some time on a special website, then you can hover your mouse cursor over the timer and it will turn into a “Close” button. Clicking on this button will close the ticking timer for that web page. This is very useful for those late nights that you spend playing web based multiplayer online games with your friends.

Reading Time for Chrome

If you click on the Reading Time extension icon for the Chrome browser, you can access some other interesting features that the extension offers. The feature “Show Article Only” displays only the text and links on a webpage and hides everything else including the images, media, Flash, style-sheets etc. The feature “Estimate Your Reading Speed” can be used to find out how fast you read a webpage.

Reading Time for Chrome

In the settings for the Reading Time extension, you can configure the location of the timer widget (default location is top-left). You can also modify the widget size and make it smaller or larger depending on your preferences. You can even change the foreground and background colors for the timer widget.

Reading Time for Chrome

Conclusion: Reading Time can teach you the value of time by displaying the amount of time that you have spent on various websites. More likely than not, you will find that everyday you spend many hours watching videos or posting comments – you could invest this time in other productive endeavors.

You can get the Reading Time extension for Chrome from

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