Virtual Desktop Enhancer Sets Different Wallpapers for Each Virtual Desktop in Windows 10

Virtual Desktops are nothing new for Linux users although they know them by a slightly different name – workspaces. Seeing the importance of this feature for the multitasking users, Microsoft introduced the feature of virtual desktops in Windows 10 last year. You can access virtual desktops in Windows 10 using the hotkey Win+Tab and then either create a new virtual desktop or switch to one already present. If you have used virtual desktops before in your PC, you must have realized that the desktop background remains same for all the virtual desktops no matter how many virtual desktops you create.

Now some Windows enthusiasts have created a new tool called Virtual Desktop Enhancer that can add or enhance the already existing features of virtual desktops in Windows 10. The tool is designed using AutoHotkey and can run only in the latest 64-bit version of Windows 10 (the anniversary update version). This tool is a portable program, so you do not have to install anything. All you have to do is download the executable file, place it somewhere in your PC and launch it from there.

Virtual Desktop Enhancer

It places a small icon in the Windows notification area indicating the number of the virtual desktops that you are using. So if you have created two virtual desktops and switched to the second, then it will show 2 in the system tray. You can right-click on this and choose to manage virtual desktops (which is same as pressing the hotkey Win+Tab).

You can also customize the hotkeys used to work around the virtual desktops and assign a separate wallpaper for each of the virtual desktops. In order to customize the virtual desktops through Virtual Desktop Enhancer, you can open settings.ini located inside the same folder as the virtual-desktop-enhancer.exe in Windows Notepad and make the appropriate changes. For example, you can type in the full path name of the wallpaper images (typically JPEG image file) next to the virtual desktop numbers so that each of the virtual desktops get a different wallpaper. After saving these changes, you will have to relaunch the main Virtual Desktop Enhancer program.

Virtual Desktop Enhancer

Conclusion: Virtual Desktop Enhancer adds some extra functionality to the virtual desktop feature of Windows 10. For example, it can customize hotkeys to move the virtual desktop windows around and switch across them. It can also define separate wallpapers for each of the virtual desktops.

You can download Virtual Desktop Enhancer from