Talky is Best Mozilla Firefox Hello Alternative

A while ago, Firefox had introduced a WebRTC based online chat app called Hello. Firefox Hello was originally integrated into the Firefox browser, but was not really welcomed by the browser users and many of them tried one or other methods to disable it. We also published many methods to disable Hello in Firefox. Perhaps due to this, Mozilla has decided to remove Hello from Firefox completely and discontinue it starting from the version 49. As you upgrade your Firefox web browser to version 49, you will no longer see Hello in it. But if had fallen in love with Hello and were using it regularly, then do not lose hope – there are many other great WebRTC based online chat apps available.

For example, you can use the Talky web app which uses WebRTC and works more or less like the Firefox Hello used to. You start by visiting the website and creating a room for yourself. You do not have to sign-up for any account, just create a room by appending your unique room name after and sharing it with other participants of the chat.

Talky WebRTC Chat Web App

The web app asks permission to use your webcam and microphone so that you can engage in video chat with everyone. But if you do not have a webcam, you can still use microphone to talk with the others. If you do not want just anyone to walk in on your conversation, then you can lock the room and make it accessible only after your friends provide a key. If you are talking to someone about some tech problem in your PC or you just want to show what you have been doing on your PC, then you can also share your PC screen through this web app.

Talky WebRTC Chat Web App

Conclusion: Firefox Hello has been discontinued, but there are so many great alternatives like Talky available. You can switch from Talky to Hello very easily without noticing much difference.

You can visit Talky website at