Task Till Dawn : Third Party Task Scheduler for Windows & Mac

Perhaps inspired by the movie Dusk Till Dawn, the free program Task Till Dawn has nothing to do with the original story of the movie. In fact, Task Till Dawn is a third party task scheduler for Windows that can easily supplant the one that comes built inside Windows 10 (or earlier versions of Windows). The program can also be used in Mac OS as it is written using the Oracle Java language which makes it platform independent. The developer of the program also mentions that a version for Linux is also under development and will be available in near future.

Task Till Dawn requires you to install JRE (Java Runtime Environment) before you can launch it. The program offers much simpler and easier to use interface compared to the Windows’ own Task Scheduler. You can click on the New Task button to create a new task and add it to the Task Till Dawn.

Task Till Dawn

In the task creation window, you can choose one or more actions (basically, commands, batch scripts or programs that you want to run), schedule it to run at a fixed time or every day of week or when the application starts and so on. There are so many options and ways that you can schedule a task giving you flexibility about how and when you want to run a task.

Once a task has been created, it will be schedule to run automatically. But you can go back in the Task Till Dawn window and manually run a task whenever you want. You can enable, disable or duplicate any task as you want. You can even pause the Task Till Dawn altogether to stop any of the added tasks from being executed.

Task Till Dawn

Conclusion: Task Till Dawn can help you schedule tasks easily on your Windows or Mac computer. The program is still being developed and more feature could be expected in future.

You can download Task Till Dawn from http://www.oliver-matuschin.de/en/projects/task-till-dawn.