WinDroid Universal Toolkit Helps Flashing and Rooting Android Phones

WinDroid Universal Toolkit is a Windows portable application created by some of the genius developers at the XDA Forums. This toolkit works with almost all the popular Android smartphones and allows you to flash custom recoveries to your device. It can also root your device and unlock the bootloaders. It should be noted that all of these operations are going to void the warranty of your phone. But there are also some other basic operations that can be performed with the help of WinDroid Toolkit like booting and rebooting the device in special modes.

Unfortunately, the program is not designed for all the Android phones but it still works with many popular Android phones. As you start the WinDroid Universal Toolkit, it detects if you already have ADB and Fastboot installed in your Windows PC. If it does not find any ADB installation, then it asks you to download the ADB installer and runs it for you. However, it failed to detect ADB installed on my PC for some reason.

WinDroid Universal Toolkit

As usual, you have to enable USB debugging in your Android phone and connect it to your PC via a USB data cable. After this, you can click on the Refresh button in WinDroid Toolkit. It will detect your phone and show the status as “Online”. Now you are ready to perform all kinds of operations on your phone like unlocking bootloader, flashing a custom recovery, gaining root access, rebooting in the special modes (like the recovery or the bootloader mode), flash a custom kernel, side-load apps, push files and more.

WinDroid Universal Toolkit

Conclusion: WinDroid Universal Toolkit can be useful if you are planning to use a custom recovery on your Android phone or if you want to gain the root access by flashing SuperSu on your phone.

You can download WinDroid Universal Toolkit from