King Flasher Helps Flash, Root and Backup Android Phones

There are times when you mess up some settings or files in your Android phone to a level that nothing seems to work. In that situation the only solution is to flash the original stock ROM once again. Flashing the original ROM erases everything and installs Android all over again. Usually flashing requires a bunch of third party tools and is a very risky business. A new tool called King Flasher can help you flash the ROM for your Android phone to make everything easier for you. It can even download the right ROM for your phone. You can also use the same tool to root your Android device and creating a backup of your phone’s data.

Like with any similar software, you have to enable the USB debugging in your Android phone, install the ADB tools in your Windows PC, install the King Flasher and then attach your phone to your PC via a USB data cable. The phone will be detected and King Flasher will display some basic information about your phone – device model, manufacturer, boot-loader, system version, software version, base-band version and more.

King Flasher

You can switch to the ROM center and find a suitable ROM for your device. For each of the models, it lists multiple ROMs. Some of the ROMs are stock images while others are customized or ported images. You can also find some of the ROMs being developed by open-source developers like Cyanogen, Omni ROM, Paranoid ROM etc.

King Flasher

King Flasher can also be used to create a backup of all the settings and files stored in your Android device. It can backup your contacts, messages, apps and games installed on your phone. You can also use some of the problem fixing tools that King Flasher comes with to fix some common Android problems. For example, it can be used to enter into the download mode of the phone for flashing ROM from your SD card.

King Flasher

Conclusion: King Flasher is an all-in-one tool for all the Android phones to flash the ROMs, backup and restore the data, download the custom ROMs for your phone, root android and more.

You can download King Flasher from