Add Fingerprint Touch Actions to Any Android Smartphone

Recently when Google unveiled the new Google Pixel phone and revealed about the fingerprint gestures that it supports. The Google Pixel phone has a swiping gesture on the fingerprint sensor on the back using which you can make it perform certain actions. But other Android phones having a standard fingerprint sensor cannot emulate this swiping gesture due to the hardware difference. But using a special app, you can actually add some gesture actions even to the standard fingerprint sensor.

The free app called Fingerprint Quick Action can bring the fingerprint sensor gestures to all the other Android phones. But there are two requirements for this app to work. First requirement is very obvious – your Android phone must have a fingerprint touch sensor of some kind. And second requirement is about the Android version – your phone must be using at least Android Marshmallow 6.0.

Fingerprint Quick Actions

In this app, you can choose an action for the fingerprint sensor gesture (which is simply a tap or touch for standard phones compared to Google Pixel phones where you can swipe over the sensor). By default, the gesture quick action trigger the phone to go into the sleep mode. But you can also make it to go to the home screen of the Android phone (akin to tapping on the home button on the front of the phone). And as you can guess, if you do not enable the quick action, then the fingerprint sensor just expands or collapses the notifications on the phone screen.

Fingerprint Quick Actions

Conclusion: The Fingerprint Quick Action app for Android can bring more from your phone’s fingerprint sensor. It can still be used to sign-in to various apps, but in addition you can add fingerprint sensor gesture actions too.

You can download Fingerprint Quick Action app from