BlackFog Privacy Improves System Privacy and Protects from Malware

The moment your computer connects to the internet, it becomes susceptible to a myriad of attacks like malware infection, hacking or others. On top of that, some websites also try to track down your web browsing patterns in order to make offers to you based on the collected data. There seems to be no escape from this situation no matter how many different tools you try. Now a new software called the BlackFog Privacy has come to the front of this ongoing battle to preserve the PC security and privacy.

The BlackFog Privacy software can be used to monitor the network traffic, delete some of the cookies stored by various web browsers as well as the browser cache in order to boost the level of privacy. This software also makes sure that you stay protected from various forms of the malicious programs like ransomware, trojans, spyware in addition to the programs that could be collecting user generated data for their tracking services.

BlackFog Privacy

The main window of the BlackFog Privacy shows you a basic overview of your system’s status – how much of the forensic data is present on your PC, how many devices are connecting to your PC,  the network status and the telemetry report, and more. All of this data is presented graphically so that you can easily see which actions are required  to secure your PC. You can obviously change the settings related to network traffic, forensic data removal, and the privacy system settings. It also shows the privacy score of your PC based on the various settings.

BlackFog Privacy

According to the BlackFog Privacy software web site, it protects your PC from 26 million different malware, ransomware and spyware. This makes it a good antivirus product in itself. When you decide to remove the forensic data from your PC, it uses the popular DoD algorithm that repeatedly overwrites files with randomly generated data making it impossible to recover them later.

Conclusion: BlackFog Privacy is a security software for PC that offers improvement in privacy, protection from malware and monitoring of network traffic to see all the connections made to or from your PC.

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