Backup, Clean and Secure Web Browsers with AntiBrowserSpy

Recently, when I had to go through ordeal of reinstalling Windows 10 on my PC all over again, I ended up losing all of my saved bookmarks and passwords in the Firefox and the Chrome browsers. I had to manually enter everything and customize the settings of these web browsers all over again. If you also have had a similar experience, then perhaps you would like to take a look at the AntiBrowserSpy software.

Despite its name, AntiBrowserSpy is not only for securing the settings in various web browsers installed in your PC. In addition to configuring the browsers and turning off their spy features, it can also backup the data stored in the web browsers as well as clean up the browsing history to erase your internet usage tracks.


As you launch the software, it asks you to close down all the web browsers running in your PC so that it can make changes to their settings. You can choose to forcibly close the browser processes or ignore them (in this case, it won’t be able to make changes to that browser’s settings).

On the next screen, you would be able to configure the anti-spy settings and turn off the features in the supported web browsers that could be used to spy on you. You can make use of the stealth browser to generate a random browser fingerprint after a set frequency of time in order to confuse the tracking servers. The cleanup feature cleans the browsing history but can also leave a few cookies that you do not wish to be deleted.


Moreover, you can also choose to backup the data stored in various web browsers. This data backup can be created either manually, or you can choose to time schedule the backup events so that the AntiBrowserSpy can keep performing the backups at regular intervals.

Verdict: The AntiBrowserSpy is very useful to keep regular data backups from your installed web browsers which could come very handy in case of system crashes or files corruptions. It supports all the popular web browsers like Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc.

You can download AntiBrowserSpy from