VLC Streamer Helper : Share Media on iPhone or Android Smartphones

We all have many videos stored on the large storage disks of our desktop or notebook computers. For example, my 1TB hard disk on my Dell notebook computer is mostly filled with videos that I made on different vacations over the years. But the same cannot be said for the mobile devices like iPhone or Android phones as they do not have as large a storage space. A simple solution is to share the videos stored on your personal computers with other mobile devices over the common WiFi network.

A free software called VLC Streamer Helper could be used to share your media collection with other mobile devices using the WiFi network. The software makes use of the VLC media player’s streaming capabilities along with some other customization. Basically what you have to do is install VLC Streamer Helper software on your PC or Mac computer and then add your video files to the list. It will convert and get these media files ready for streaming. The conversion may take a long time, so you can add the files and then finish your other tasks, have a cup of coffee, take a walk along the beach and then come back to observe the progress.

VLC Streamer Helper

On the mobile devices, you will also have to install an app VLC Streamer Helper which is available via the Google Play store or Apple app store. After installing the app, you have to select the computer that is running the VLC Streamer Helper software from the list. It will show you a list of videos that you can play. The videos are always played full screen and can be played on any number of devices simultaneously. For better video quality and for sharing with large number of devices, you should have a large bandwidth WiFi network.

VLC Streamer Helper

You can download the VLC Streamer Helper software from http://hobbyistsoftware.com/VLCStreamer.