Disable Playstore from Using Itineraries from Gmail

In the recent version of the Google Playstore, they have added a new feature that can improve the way the Playstore recommends various new apps for you. This feature makes use of the itineraries from Gmail to find out various apps that could be useful to you through various stops in these itineraries. This means that Google will automatically fetch the dates, appointments and locations from your Gmail inbox and process them to makes a guess about your travel plans or current whereabouts in order to make a suggestion about some of the apps that could prove to be productive or helpful in general.

For example, if it finds that you are planning to visit Thailand on vacation, then it will show you apps that could be helpful during your Thailand visit, like the translation apps, sightseeing apps, travel agency apps and so on.

By default, this feature is turned on and it keeps checking your Gmail inbox for any possible itineraries. If this worries you about your privacy, then you can easily disable this feature. Here is how:

  1. Open Google Play store in your Android smartphone. Make sure that Play store is updated to the latest version because this feature is not available in older versions.Playstore Use Gmail Itineraries
  2. Tap on the menu icon (hamburger like layered icon) to open the menu and then choose Settings from there.
  3. Under the User Controls section, uncheck the checkbox labeled Use itineraries from Gmail and you are done.Playstore Use Gmail Itineraries

Even though it might look like invasion of privacy, you should understand that Google has access to all of your services or emails anyway, so it is better to leave this feature turned on so that you can make some good use of the information stored in your Gmail inbox. You may discover some of the very useful apps and services through this feature.


  1. If I leave itineraries enabled, will that eat up data? Even a little makes a difference. Obama phone, 500 mb.

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