GSam Battery Monitor Shows Detailed Battery Info in Android

When your Android smartphone keeps running out of battery charge sooner than before, many people take it as a sign of bad battery and purchase a new one. But the battery is not always the problem, it could be that the Android system or some particular app is draining your battery faster than before. In order to investigate about what really is going with your phone’s battery, you can use the free Android app GSam Battery Monitor.

While other battery saver apps just try to follow a few steps to close the apps running in the backgrounds and turning off the screen brightness, the GSam Battery Monitor app goes a little deeper and analyzes the things related to your phone’s battery much more thoroughly. It shows you the basic information like the battery charge status, battery temperature, and all the various Android components that have used up your phone’s battery since the last recharge. Here you can see easily which component is eating away your phone’s battery.

GSam Battery Monitor

If you are into graphical charts information and understand them better, then GSam Battery Monitor also offers them for almost all kinds of battery information – graphs of battery charge versus temperature, signal, rate of change, CPU and other factors.

The app also displays the current battery charge status in the Android notification bar. If you do not want this displayed, then you can change the GSam Battery Monitor settings. In the app settings, you can change the battery icon theme, replace the Android battery icon with the one from GSam Battery Monitor, change the app theme, set alarms to alert you about low battery status, change the battery temperature units (Celsius or Fahrenheit), choose a device power profile to save the battery charge as needed and more.

GSam Battery Monitor

Conclusion: GSam Battery Monitor is a unique app that shows you the data obtained about your phone’s battery after careful and continuous analysis of various components in Android. It can be helpful in understanding about how and which components are draining your phone’s battery.

You can download GSam Battery Monitor app for Android from