How to Add microSD Card to Fix Insufficient Storage Error in Android

I am very fond of listening to the music on radio channels because the radio jockeys make is much more fun with their jokes and commentaries. I have installed so many radio apps on my smartphone including the popular TuneIn Radio app. When I tried to install a new radio app (Heart Radio), it threw up an error saying that – “This device does not have enough space to download “Heart Radio App”. Consider deleting apps or content you no longer need and try again.

This error is shown when your device has so many apps installed that Android cannot install any more apps. The space is taken up by the apps, the cache stored by the apps and the other content that you might have downloaded from the internet. So you may have to either remove these apps or just clean the cache stored by these apps.

Android Insufficient Storage Space

In the error message itself there is an option to view the storage space available on the device. You can tap on the View Storage to see how much the space is being taken up what kind of files – apps, cached data, pictures, videos, audio, downloads, miscellaneous. If you want to increase the storage space available then you can insert a microSD card to your phone. These microSD cards are cheaper than ever before and can easily increase the storage space to up to 64 GB. But before buying, check your phone specifications as the not all phones can use microSD cards and even the ones that can use them often limit the storage capacity of these memory cards.

Android Insufficient Storage Space

But if you do not want to use an extra microSD card, then you can open the Android settings, open the Apps list and then check which of the apps you do not really need. You can uninstall the apps that are no longer useful for you. In addition, you can also try cleaning the cache for apps like web browsers.

Conclusion: Android may have insufficient storage space because you installed too many apps or the apps have accumulated huge cache. In either case, you can try removing unneeded apps or just add a new larger microSD card to your phone.