Keep Ransomware in Check with Ransomware Hunter for Android

Ransomware is a special breed of malware that infects your computers and mobile devices in order to lock them and encrypt your documents. After this it demands a ransom in exchange of returning your device’s access back to you or to decrypt the contents of your device. This type of malware can really wreak havoc with the contents of your smartphone and can even make it totally useless. And if you decide to pony up the ransom to the cyber-criminals controlling the ransomware, then you still end losing hundreds of dollars of your hard earned money.

In case of the Android smartphone, you can check if your device has already become home of one of these nefarious malicious apps using Ransomware Hunter. This security app can scan through all the installed apps and running processes to see if there is any known ransomware present on your Android device.

Ransomware Hunter

The app is very simple to use and does not bother the user with any confusing settings. You just have to tap on the big circular Scan button and it will start scanning the smartphone right away. After scanning through the internal storage and the external SD cards (if any) it will show you the results.

It is actually a very informational app and can even inform you about the ransomware. You can tap on the small helper text “What is ransomware?” and it will show you a detailed text explaining how ransomware infects your smartphones and how you can protect yourself from it. It gives very good advice to keep your Android OS updated to the latest possible version, install apps only from the Google Playstore and regularly backup all of your important files (just in case).

Ransomware Hunter

Conclusion: Ransomware Hunter can scan the known ransomware present on your Android smartphone which would a great step toward securing your mobile phone against malware and other threats.

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