How to Create Bootable Bitdefender Rescue Disk in Windows

Bitdefender is a well known and very reputed security software solutions company. They produce  antivirus and online security software solutions for all the popular platforms. I personally use their software in my desktop computer, notebook computer and also in my Android smartphone. But few people know that they also provide a free Bitdefender rescue disk for everyone to download so that they can fix a severely infected system. This rescue disk is specially useful if you have a computer that is not even booting up properly due to malware infections.

You can create a bootable Bitdefender rescue disk using a simple software Stickifier (also created by Bitdefender). All you need is a USB flash disk and a known malware-free clean Windows computer. Here is how you can create this rescue disk:

  1. Download Stickifier from
  2. Attach a USB flash key to your Windows PC and launch the Stickifier application.
  3. Stickifier gives you two options – either download the Bitdefender rescue disk ISO manually and select it, or you can download the rescue disk through Stickifier. The first option is easier and allows you to use the latest build of the rescue disk. After choosing any of these options, click “Next” to proceed.Stickifier
  4. Pick the drive letter for your USB flash key from the drop-down list. If you want to attach a USB flash key at this stage, you can click on the “refresh” button to re-populate the drop-down list and then select the appropriate drive letter.Stickifier
  5. Clicking on the Next button will copy all the required files to your USB flash key and make it bootable. Now you can try and boot from this Bitdefender rescue disk on an infected Windows PC. It will allow you to scan and repair any malware infections without having to boot into Windows.

Summary: Bitdefender rescue disk is one of the best malware fighting tools available. You can use the Stickifier tool to quickly turn any USB flash key into a Bitdefender rescue disk.