Access All Windows Settings from One Place with Ultimate Settings Panel

Recently we published about the God Mode for Windows – a special folder that provides easy access to hundreds of Windows settings that could be a little harder to find otherwise. A new application called the Ultimate Settings Panel can take things to the next level by making even more settings available for you. This program can make it very easy for you to access not only the Windows operating system settings, but also those of the third party programs like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Ultimate Settings Panel has a tabbed used interface – under each of these tabs it lists all the settings belonging to a particular category. For example, you can find the settings for Windows 7, Windows 8.x, Windows 10, Control Panel, Command Prompt, Server Administration, Outlook, PowerShell, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. It is surprising that it does not have a tab of the Microsoft’s new Edge web browser. You can click on the the various buttons under these various categories to access the respective settings.

Ultimate Settings Panel

In the options for the Ultimate Settings Panel application, there are no settings to configure. And it is not surprising – after all, what can you configure for an application like that. The only thing you find under the options for this application are the instructions to use this program, demo videos, and links to the developer’s Youtube channel or other social networking sites.

Ultimate Settings Panel

Verdict: Ultimate Settings Panel does make it very easy for anyone to access a lot of settings. But some of the settings listed are not very useful, for example, “About Windows”, “Windows Explorer” and “WordPad” cannot be classified as settings. And in my opinion, a simple application like this should not require installation – it should be a portable single EXE application.

You can download Ultimate Settings Panel application from