How to Disable Driver Signature Enforcement in Windows 10

Sometimes in Windows we have to work with older or the customized device drivers that do not really work in the newer versions of Windows. For example, to flash some of the mobile phones you have to depend on some of the unsigned USB device drivers that connect with the preloader or bootloader mode of the Android phones. In order to work with these drivers what you can do is temporarily disable the driver signature enforcement in Windows. This process is very easy in Windows 10 and here is how you can do it:

  1. Click on the Start button in the taskbar and choose the Settings icon.Disable Driver Signature Enforcement
  2. In the settings window, choose Update & Security, then Recovery and then click on the Restart button under the Advanced startup section.Disable Driver Signature Enforcement
  3. Your PC will restart and show options screen with a blue background. Choose Troubleshoot option from here.Disable Driver Signature Enforcement
  4. On the next screen, select Advanced Options from the two options displayed on your screen.Disable Driver Signature Enforcement
  5. On the Advanced options screen, choose Startup settings.Disable Driver Signature Enforcement
  6. The screen in your PC will display a list of settings that will be modified if you restart your PC. Click on the Restart button to continue.Disable Driver Signature Enforcement
  7. On the Windows startup screen, use the up and down arrow buttons to choose Disable Driver Signature Enforcement and then press the Enter key.Disable Driver Signature Enforcement
  8. As Windows 10 restarts you can use any drivers as you wish.

After you are done using the unsigned drivers in your Windows PC, you can restart Windows and this time Windows will boot normally. The driver signature verification will once again be enforced. This method makes it both easy to use unsigned drivers and keep Windows safe for regular use. So whenever you need to use such drivers, you can follow this process to disable the driver signature enforcement for a single session.