Always Browse in Incognito Mode with Dolphin Zero Browser for Android

All of the popular web browser for Android like Firefox, Opera, Chrome come with an incognito or private mode. This mode allows you to browse websites without the risk of being tracked by these websites and without the need of storing anything on the smartphone like the cookies, browsing history, cache and so on. But all of these web browsers do not launch in the incognito mode by default – you have to switch to the incognito mode manually each time you want to use them.

But there is another web browser called Dolphin Zero that always stays in the incognito mode. You do not have to worry about switching to the incognito mode for this web browser. The Dolphin Zero web browser is actually is a trimmed down version of the full Dolphin web browser. The name of the Dolphin Zero browser clearly explains that it will not save anything from any web browsing sessions.

Dolphin Zero Browser

After launching the Dolphin Zero web browser in Android, you can use it to browse any web site you want. The browser uses the DuckDuckGo search engine which prevents the tracking of your search results (in comparison, other search engines might track your search keywords and browsing behavior).

The browser does not have any options which makes it very easy to use. There is no home page to set and there is no default search engine to set (only DuckDuckGo is used). And when you are done web browsing, all you have to do is close the web browser.

You can close the web browser by tapping on the hamburger icon and then selecting Exit. This will show you a shredding animation for a few seconds. It deletes all the cookies, history, form data, cached data, favicons, location information, user address books and more before finally closing down.

You can download the Dolphin Zero web browser for Android from