How to Use Secure Encrypted Conversations in Facebook Messenger

For some reason, the popularity for the end-to-end encryption for various forms of the online chats have suddenly surged. If you search on Google Play, you will find plenty of apps that provide encrypted chats. And now the popular Facebook Messenger app has also come up with secure conversations which provides end-to-end high grade encryption for the text chats between you and your friends. This feature is available in the latest version of the Facebook Messenger and provides full message encryption. If you use this feature, then the contents of the conversation will be visible to only the participants. Even the people managing the Facebook servers won’t be able to read your conversation.

But Facebook Messenger does not enable the secure conversation by default. If you continue to use Facebook Messenger like you did before, then there won’t be any encryption of your chats. In order to avail the secure conversations, you have to manually initiate them.

In order to start secure conversations with your friends, you have to first launch Facebook Messenger in your smartphone. Then long-tap on the picture of any of your friends to open the menu from where you can select the Secure Conversations.

Facebook Messenger Secure Conversations

The secure conversations look exactly like the normal conversations and you can send or receive text or images as usual. However, you cannot send or receive GIF animations and videos. But if you are paranoid that someone might look over your shoulder and read your secret stuff, then you can enable the auto-destruct feature which destroys your secure conversations after every few seconds. You can choose the auto-destruct time period by tapping on the timer icon and choosing any time period like 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds etc.

Facebook Messenger Secure Conversations

Conclusion: Now Facebook Messenger offers high grade end-to-end encryption for secure conversations. But for this all the participants in the secure conversations must have updated and latest Facebook Messenger apps on their phones.