Are They Really Twins? Remove Your Doubts with TwinsOrNot

Sometimes, flipping through a photo album you come across two people that look strikingly the same. And then the question makes home in your mind – “Are they really twins? Perhaps not or may be they are.” Well, asking those identical looking people directly is a little socially awkward. But there is another way – you can use the TwinsOrNot web app to find out about the possibility. This web app is designed by Microsoft and shows you a percentage of likeliness of the two people being twins.

For using this web app, you should have two front face pictures of the people you think are twins. If you do not have the pictures in the same size then perhaps you can use some of the image editing tools to crop and resize the images before using them. There are dozens of image editing tools for this, but I suggest that you use image editor.

On the TwinsOrNot web site, you can click on the picture placeholder to select and upload the pictures one after the other. Alternatively, you can also search Bing and select one of the pictures from there. Searching Bing is useful if you are trying to compare two popular celebrities.


As soon as you upload the pictures or pick the ones from the Bing search, it compares them and shows you the percentage of possibility of them being twins. Along with the percentage, it also comments about the result – worse, average, above average, or the same person.


TwinsOrNot is basically a web app for fun and you can compare yourself and your cousins or friends to pass some time. The app is based on an experimental technology developed by Microsoft’s student projects and should not be taken very seriously.

You can visit the TwinsOrNot web app at