NextPVR : Watch and Record TV Shows in Windows

NextPVR is a new personal video recorder application for Windows. Using this software, you will be able to watch live TV shows and record them for watching later. Just like any other similar software you can schedule the recording of the shows based on the TV schedule which can also be downloaded if your device supports it. In addition, you will be able to play the videos and music stored on your local hard disk. All it needs is a compatible TV Tuner device installed or attached to your PC and you will then use NextPVR for all of your TV recording needs.

NextPVR supports many different types of TV tuner cards including both the digital and analog cards even though analog cards are rarely seen anymore. Officially NextPVR suggests the use of Hauppauge cards. I myself have an old BT878 chip based TV Tuner card and it worked flawlessly with NextPVR.


When you launch NextPVR for the very first time, it shows you the settings window. You can also open this settings window any time later too, by right-clicking on the NextPVR window and then choosing Settings. In the settings, you can configure the devices installed (TV tuner cards) in your PC.


If you want to play videos, music files and view images using NextPVR, then you may have to install codecs on your PC. NextPVR team suggests that you download and install LAV codecs. But you can also download K-Lite Mega Codec Pack from and install it using default configuration. After this, you can change the codecs for all the video and music files in the NextPVR settings to be ffdshow.


In order to play locally stored video or music files using NextPVR, you will have to add the folders containing these files in the NextPVR settings. After this you can go to the relevant section in the NextPVR user interface and play these files. If the files fail to play, then you will have to change the codec settings.


Verdict: NextPVR can turn your PC into personal video recorder with the capabilities of playing live TV shows, recording the TV programs, playing media files and DVD disks.

You can download NextPVR from

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